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Chloe’s approach to hypno-therapy is very impactful and results oriented.  The introduction to her process during our first session provided a clear and insightful roadmap that we followed during all of our subsequent sessions. Each session is developed through an interactive dialog that leads to the specific goals and suggestions for that session. Chloe’s ability to actively listen and provide insightful suggestions is masterful and creates immediate trust in her professional skill. I have participated in hypno-therapy in the past with limited success. Chloe helped me define and address core issues in each session. The recordings she provides help to refresh and reinforce the results from each session.

I highly recommend Chloe’s unique hypno-therapy process!


- Wolfgang Struss, Self-Employed

Chloe's warm professionalism created a safe space right from the start.  Her open heart and deep connection to this Earth and our place on it was a balm to my troubled soul.  As a woman attempting to juggle my roles as wife, mother and autonomous individual adventuring in the world, I came to Chloe to help revisit complicated past experiences to see them with new eyes; through a different lens.  


Her keen listening ear and deep commitment to guiding others to living a life free of the unnecessary burdens of the past helped me shed not only the negative way I saw myself, but the incorrect assumptions I was making about others in my life.  Through our work together I have found grace for both myself and others.

- Crystal Dawn Munkers, Theatre Professional

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Chloe created a safe nurturing space for me to let go of the fears and traumas I've struggled with for years. I've been recognizing what doesn't work any longer, what the facades I've been hiding behind have been yet been teetering on the brink of continuing to hide. Not anymore. The process shows itself to be working each week with more of me showing up, getting stronger and more joyful. I continue to have the experience of remembering I am free from what was keeping me suppressed. The fears and trauma I grew up living in are lessening and some are gone, with simple tools to remember to activate and engage with. I am so grateful for Chloe, her kindness, and her wisdom. To have my life back with joy and passion showing up again. I am able to step into my life and engage in it where it had become to much of a challenge and less and less satisfying. 

I highly recommend Chloe Lee Jane for the blessing that she is and all she shares in her profession. There's some big magic going on here. 

- Diane Argenzio, Writer/Student of Consciousness

Chloe Lee is one of those enlightened and connected people with skills that go beyond what you'd expect from a session like hypnotherapy. Her warmth, empathy and intuitive sense (along with the most soothing voice) brings you easily into a relaxed state for a self-help and self-awareness journey that ends with you having tools to draw from to continue the work and the benefits throughout your days.


This work isn't new to me, but Chloe's approach was more powerful than I'd ever experienced, including unearthing some deep-seated issues I've long been searching for. I highly recommend Chloe to anyone in need of emotional healing or trying to work through blocks that may be restricting life's progression - actually, for any reason, it'll be worth it.

- Jimm Harrison, Creator and Lead Alchemist at Jimm Harrison Phytotherapy Institute

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[My] affirmation manifested itself in reality and my business hit its goal. Thank you so much for taking time to walk through all the concepts with me... I've been putting a lot of effort into it since we talked and it's been helping me just surrender to everything. Especially working towards a goal without the angst of achieving it... I think that was one of the crucial pieces I kept getting hung up on.

- Noah Belkhous, CEO/Founder - Planted Materials

Chloe is excellent at guiding people through journey's of their subconscious.  She provides wise and compassionate holding, is very knowledgable about how to take people into their subconscious, and is very creative and innovative at helping come up with positive messaging and affirmations to "plant" in the psyche.  She provides a self-hypnosis audio file after a session that one can play to reinforce the new neuropathways that are developed.  My work with her was life changing.  I highly recommend her!

- Sandra B., Healer and fellow seeker

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